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Our Founders

Originally named Christ Cathedral Church, our ministry has been very present in the community on the northeast side of Columbus for decades.  On November 6th, 1996 our Founding Pastor's Elder Waymon Malone Jr. & Kimberlee Ann Malone were obedient to God's call after pastoring for two years in Beckley, WV.  Until this time they commuted every Sunday from Ohio to West Virginia with their two daughters Kellie & Kristen.  After years of diligence the Lord released them from Beckley and gave them a new assignment in their home town of Columbus, OH.  This is how Christ Cathedral Church was birthed and the first service was held in the shelter at Wolfe Park with just a handful of families who believed in the vision the Lord had given to Waymon & Kimberlee.  Christ Cathedral was known as the Potter's house because our motto is that the Potter wants to put you back together again.

Shortly after services began the Holy Spirit spoke to Waymon and showed him the new location of the church.  Surprisingly it was a condemned building that used to be one of the biggest bars in the City.  His friends thought he was crazy to turn a bar into a church.  As renovations began on the building Pastor Malone found a bible hidden underneath the stage inside the building.  This was confirmation that the Lord had plans for this location.  We have been in the same location since that time.  And in 2011 God expanded our territory.

After years of growing the ministry and training elders, ministers and deacons in 2013 Pastor Malone appointed Elder Michael Young as Associate Pastor of Christ Cathedral church and in 2014 he was installed as Lead Pastor.  Pastor Malone said he never considered this his church but the Lord's church and he was obedient once again by putting the church fully in the hands of Pastor Mike & Lady Kellie.  From this point on they continued to build and after much prayer, guidance of the Holy Spirit and seeking of wise counsel, in 2018 Elder Richard Jones and his wife Lady "P" Malrissa Jones joined our ministry.  Elder Richard Jones was installed as Executive Pastor.   Shortly after this he Lord had given Pastor Michael a new name for the ministry and in April of 2018 Christ Cathedral Church officially became the City of Grace.  The only rule is that no perfect people are allowed.

Since the start of our ministry countless missions have been supported both domestically and internationally, various churches and ministries have been birthed from the vision God gave to Pastor Malone and Lady Kimberlee Malone.  We are forever grateful for our legacy.



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