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Financial Literacy Ministry

This ministry was designed to empower the people of God when it comes to their finances. It is important for believers to understand the biblical principles of God and learn practical ways to become financially free. Be on the lookout for events, workshops and resources to help you grow in wisdom in the area of your finances.

**Disclaimer, we are not financial advisors and if you are seeking advisement in this area we encourage you to seek guidance from licensed professionals. We are simply highlighting biblical principles around finances and sharing what has allowed us to be successful concerning our finances**


Be empowered in your finances...

This ministry is a powerful tool to help you learn more about investing and becoming familiar with the concepts of building wealth.  We are helping believers learn and grow on topics around real estate, investing and how to build passive income. 

Learn how to become debt free...

From over a hundred thousand dollars in debt, to now being DEBT FREE and helping others become the same, Alyvia Johnson shares the steps she took to achieve financial wholeness and build wealth.

Family, this conversation with Gracefully Growing Gains is not just a moment but the beginning of a larger ministry offering education about Biblical principles on money matters. We encourage you to take the journey with us to further empower yourself on these matters.


We have put together a list of reading material that will help you grow along your journey.

Events & Workshops...

Check the events page for opportunities we have coming up!

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